Work in Austria

The Austrian Federal Government’s migration website has information on living and working in Austria. This website will help Australians transition into working life in Austria and gives further links to prepare you for working in Austria.

Before considering searching for a job in Austria, learning the German language will significantly improve your chances of securing a position in the work force. Campus Austria schools are independently run schools across Austria teaching German as a foreign language to adults and children of all levels. These courses will help you learn every day German, as well master the language needed for business and professional purposes. In addition, students will learn about Austrian customs, traditions, history and culture.

Australian Government Smart Traveller offers the latest travel advice and warnings for travel to Austria.


Australian citizens do not need an entry permit (visa) to stay in Austria as tourists or on a business trip for a period of up to 90 days. If you enter Austria visa free, you are generally not allowed to take up any employment there.
Generally, it is the length of your stay that will determine the type of permit you need. For further information regarding entry and residence permits for Australians travelling to Austria, visit the Austrian Embassy.